A Beach Within A Beach

I’d been wanting to go to a white sand beach for a long time because it’s been years since I went to one. I think I was 6 when I last went to Boracay together with my grandma. So when I decided to go home this winter vacation, I made sure that I would have a white (sand) Christmas. There is something about the sea and white sand beaches that makes me feel relaxed. Maybe it’s the Little Mermaid in me.

I chose to go to Panglao island in Bohol! I don’t exactly know why but I’m glad I did or else, I wouldn’t have witnessed the wonders of Bohol for myself which I only saw in postcards when I was little.

Glasses and fedora hat from SM Department store, Versace x H&M shirt, Levi’s shorts

Click here for more photos and reads.

I promised myself that I would only wear this Versace x H&M shirt in the Philippines and the beach experience in Bohol was the perfect moment for it. I love everything about this shirt- the leopard prints, the regal frames of the beach scenery in the center.  Pairing it up with a simple white pair of shorts is the perfect way to make it stand out.

A beach within a beach??? Redundant but why not???


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2 Responses to A Beach Within A Beach

  1. Rainy Chua says:

    I MISS YOU ALREADY. I miss the fashion shots. 😦

    Post our intramuros na. 😀 Love you!

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