Bohol Photo Diary Part 2: Country Side Tour

Here is the continuation of my Bohol adventures. Apologies for the poor quality of my photos! I think I accidentally adjusted the settings of my camera that’s why the pictures look rough.

Click here for more photos and reads.

Our third and last day in Bohol was spent for our country side tour. We went to the famous Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Forest, Loboc River Floating Restaurant, Baclayon Church and the Blood Compact. We decided to skip some spots like the Butterfly Garden and the Man-made Forest due to lack of time because we have a flight to catch in the afternoon. The tour was surprisingly cheap that my jaw dropped when I heard the price. PhP 2,000/US $45/ ¥4,000 to rent a car/van for a whole day to tour 9 different spots (I guess I forgot to mention the other spots)??? It doesn’t matter if you’re alone or with a bunch of friends because the same price goes for both. If you say it’s expensive, then I guess you’re too stingy. LOL!

I’ve seen the Chocolate Hills in postcards before when I was still a kid but seeing them in person made me feel a sense of pride about my country. It was so beautiful it made me think that it required the heavens so much time during its creation. The Tarsier Forest Park was also interesting, seeing the world’s smallest primate for the first time. I only got pissed off when this senior citizen lady stepped on my foot and put mud marks on my shoes. The Loboc Floating Restaurant was also a good place to eat with its buffet of sea foods and authentic Filipino cuisine. We were also serenaded by an acoustic band while eating along the clean Loboc river. Very sweet and relaxing! Our next stop was the Baclayon church which is one of the oldest Jesuit churches in the Philippines. The church also has a museum of antiques and cameras were prohibited inside for safety against robbery. Before leaving, Coy and I decided to light up pink candles for each other and pray for more luck in love for the next year. Lastly, after buying our gifts for our friends, Coy and I decided to have a quick stop at the Blood Compact Memorial Site. It’s believed to be the exact spot where Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and native leader Datu Sikatuna made a treaty of friendship by mixing their own blood drops with a glass of wine. Then, Mang Ronnie, our driver, finally dropped us at Tagbilaran Airport going back to Manila.

Honestly, I am pissed off with what happened with my camera during this trip. The photos I took were really poor that’s why I had to carefully select what to post here in JC. Oh well! I still hope you enjoy them. I’ll post the last installment of my Bohol trip later.


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  1. littlemissglamfab says:

    ang ganda nung pic natin sa Chocolate Hills.

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