Seasons Greetings From Jenne Chrisville

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, a season of giving, kindness and joy. Once again, it’s Christmas time (or whatever you wanna call it in your own religion).

If you, folks, have been reading my blog or following me on Twitter, you should be aware that I’m currently in the Philippines for the holidays- 10 days of being away from the bustling and cold (I mean literally) Tokyo life and enjoying the more laid-back pace and warmth of my native land. But before I make posts about my vacation, allow me to share my last 2011 outfit post that I took in Tokyo.

Santa cap I borrowed from work, Spiel blazer, Comme des Garcons PLAY shirt, Forever 21 shorts, leggings from a store in Harajuku, glasses from the department store, Converse ankle length  sneakers

For the first time, my younger sister took my photo right in front of our apartment. It was a little embarrassing because the construction guys working on our apartment’s renovation were watching and smiling at us while we were having our little photo session. I was really glad that I could teach my sis to work on the camera so that I can just ask her to take my photos before going to my appointments. LOL! And it seemed like she enjoyed her little photography lesson from me. Hahaha! We also took these photos before I go to the airport for my flight. Though the leggings weren’t enough to protect me from the cold, I had to do this so that I could take them off in the plane once I landed in Manila. And I’m sure you guys are VERY aware of the temperature difference of these two cities.

Though I’ve taken tons of photos with my CdG PLAY shirt, I still chose to wear it for this post because Christmas is all about love and sharing it to everyone. With that, I am sharing to you all the love that I have in my heart. Thank you everyone for being the best readers in the world! Thank you for all the support that you gave me for the past year! Although natural disasters were everywhere this year, there are still a lot of things to celebrate. It has been an amazing 2011 and it wouldn’t be possible without you. I love you all!

Seasons greetings everyone! Enjoy your holidays. Now, I’m off for a tan.*winks*


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2 Responses to Seasons Greetings From Jenne Chrisville

  1. ellenkaminagakura says:

    Cool outfit ! Sweet t-shirt! And I love those golden converse!

  2. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and have a prosperous new year!!!


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