Sho’s Bracelet

Last Tuesday, Sho and I went to Shinjuku to have our last dinner for 2011. I insisted that the two of us meet before I leave for Manila. Little did he knew that I was giving him his Christmas gift.

Bracelet from Kika Style

I got this very beautiful bracelet from my friend Sayoko. When I saw it at the store, I immediately thought of Sho because I knew it was his kind of accessory. It was a joy to see his priceless facial expression when he took it out from the small black bag that served as a gift wrap. He said “thank you” with a smile.

How are your Christmas shopping, guys? Are you ready to spread more love and happines for the holidays?


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2 Responses to Sho’s Bracelet

  1. sooo much love and a lot of gifts to wrap 😀

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