Another Crazy Karaoke Night

Do you remember the last time I went to the karaoke with my friend Sayoko where I dressed up as Lady Gaga? Once again, she took me to the same place together with her other friends for another night of karaoke extravaganza. Talk about me having a lionessa-hair-lace-and-feather moment.

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It was nice seeing familiar faces in the event like Sayoko’s son, Yu who looked so hot with all his sunglasses and his arm tattoo. I also got to meet new people like his girlfriend, Tomomi, who was more beyond hilarious with her very young spirit. I also got to know Koko and Yusuke (the guy with the star-printed-Venus-like costume. I died when he told me he only weighed 47 kilos) who are the designers of their eponymous brand. I fell in love with their SS 2012 collection so I will talk about it here in a separate entry.

I’m not kidding when I tell you that these people really prepare themselves for this karaoke night. Look at all the costumes they wore in every number. It was too bad I forgot to take shots of the trolleys and humongous bags of costumes, props, wigs and shoes they brought to put more spice and color to their production numbers. What added to my amazement was how their voices blended during duet songs as if they’ve practiced before coming that night or they’ve done it since God knows when. I gave them some Lady Gaga (they requested for it), Spice Girls and Aerosmith. I also wanted to give them a Japanese number but too bad there wasn’t enough time for us.

I swear, there’s gonna be more fabulous when we do it again next year. I can’t wait!!!


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3 Responses to Another Crazy Karaoke Night

  1. Emi Vilarealle says:

    Sistah~ top ka ba here sa Japan or bottomesa karin like moi? ako kasi bottom all the way sa mga Japanese customers ko (transgender ako, btw. currently working sa hostess club)

  2. RJ Naguit says:

    Looks fun. 🙂 and the costumes were amazing. It’s like a cosplay fest. 🙂

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