ELLE Girl Christmas Party @ FIAT Cafe

Last December 12, 2o11, I went to FIAT Cafe for the ELLE Girl Christmas Party which they collaborated with one of Tokyo’s finest production houses, Trip’s Angels.

Click here for more photos and reads.

The FIAT Cafe was filled with girly Santas as they celebrate Christmas with ELLE Girl x Trip’s Angels. It was also sponsored by Jill Stuart who introduced their new scent named Vanilla Lust. The event was graced by the very gorgeous DJ-model Ellie Rose and Japanese comedienne Naomi Watanabe who made me laughed my heart out. She showcased her talent in comedy by mimicking Japanese artists (something which isn’t new for us Filipinos) and her funny punch lines. But the most interesting part of the party for me was singing my heart out and trying to make everyone dance to the tune of Katy Perry’s Fireworks. I was dancing in the DJ’s booth with my friends Kelley and  Megumi when Mai-chan (who was spinning at that time) just handed me the microphone and take charge. I started shouting blah blahs and good thing, the crowd started dancing like crazy. And yeah, I admit it was fun when they started to take my pictures and video me while I was shouting my lungs out. What an attention whore I am! LOL! . I wasn’t able to ask my friend Sho to take some of my party pictures but if you wanna see how I looked like with the mic, go to Mai-chan’s blog HERE. Definitely one of the best Christmas parties ever!

Thanks to Mai-chan for inviting me and Sho!


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