Can Someone Fix My Tie?

Do you remember my friend Niki who did my make up in my blog header? Once again she made me one of her models together with Akemi and Mariye for her latest shoot. This is also Niki’s way of celebrating my birthday last month and my victory in the recent Philippine Blog Awards. This time photographer Kid Perez, who is beyond amazing, took the pictures.

Forever 21 jacket, Honeyz necktie, H&M shirt, socks and pants and Versace x H&M shoes

Niki made me choose if I wanted to do another make up art or a fashion shot. Since we’ve already done the alien tribal look before, I told her that I wanna be human this time. So she did this very simple make up that made my skin a lot smoother but not to the extent of being porcelain-faced. Outfit-wise, she said she wanted me to look like a gentleman without losing my personality. With that in mind, I decided to do a jacket-shirt-and-tie look with color blocking (though it’s so last season). It’s just perfect because it’s very sleek and suave but still energetic and playful like me. Admit it, it looks like those stylings you see in GQ Magazine. Hahaha! I remember all of them joking and laughing on me because I reminded them of Jim Carey in The Mask minus the green face. See? I have really hideous people as friends. LOL! Kidding. The only thing that bothers me is that unfixed necktie in the second picture. How could I miss that detail? Oh well, I think it still looks good.

Visit Niki’s Tumblr site HERE to see more of this shoot and her other make up works. You can also take a look at Kid Perez’s site HERE for more of his photography.

Credits: hair and styling by me, make up by Niki Medina, and photos by Kid Perez


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2 Responses to Can Someone Fix My Tie?

  1. citybuoy says:

    Ooh isn’t that the outfit from the acceptance vid? 🙂

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