Jenne Chrisville Represent!!! By Niña Belle Gavan

Like what I told you earlier, I wasn’t able to attend the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Ceremonies to personally receive my award due to very obvious reasons. Hence, I asked my very good friend Niña to represent me that night. Since she was the one who experienced it first hand, I asked her to share the experience here in Jenne Chrisville, hence, making her my first guest blogger.

You may now take the stage, Niña!


by Niña Belle Gavan 

It has always been a pleasure to see my friends achieving their dreams especially when I know they worked hard for it. A week ago, Macey (as we fondly call Gervin back in our Teatro Tomasino days in UST) gave me a call about an important matter. I thought that he was already here in Manila at that time which was weeks earlier than his planned schedule. Little did I know that he called me overseas to ask me if I could be his representative for the Philippine Blog Awards 2011 Ceremonies. The moment I heard it, I was like ”DON’T YOU EVER DARE THINK TWICE ABOUT THIS.” So despite my toxic-aka-can-I-have-a-breather kind of schedule, I said yes. There was only one specific reminder from him and that is to dress up fabulously coz I was to represent a fashion blog. So I did my best!

matte gold gladiator wedge by Nine West, black carrot pants, red cami bra and bronze bangle from the department store, white corset by The Limited Stretch, necklace by Kultura, and bag gifted from Hongkong

Every Saturday my class in the UST Graduate School ends at 5pm and I had to be at the RCBC Plaza by 6pm. Because of the cancelled vehicular coding, Saturday became one of the most congested days in the streets. So I rushed from Manila to Makati with full force and luckily, with the grace of divine intervention (as I call it), I arrived just on time.

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As I’ve observed, most bloggers (in any kind of genre) are not just expressive in terms of writing but also in the way they talk, walk, pose and of course the way they carry their outfits. It must be the result of having an overflow of creative juices in their heads. Anyways, while waiting for the event, I couldn’t help but reminisce the times when I used to attend the Gabi Ng Parangal aka GNP (the annual “Oscars” of Teatro Tomasino which recognizes the effort of its members for the past season) with Macey and the rest of our Teatro lovies. The nostalgia became even more intensed when I remembered the last time I went to the RCBC Plaza was when I watched the second run of Zsazsa Zaturnnah By Popular demand with my Teatro Tomasino friends about 4 years ago.

For few minutes I looked around the auditorium with the hope of finding a familiar face then BAM!!! There was Mia Estolano, one of our alumni in Teatro and a finalist in the Best Photoblog Category. I was so glad to see her there. Before the ceremonies started, we did a lot of catching up about our common denominator, Teatro Tomasino, our personal lives and of course, the PBA’s.

And the awarding began! Before proceeding to the National division where Macey was a finalist, the winners for the Luzon leg of the Philippine Blog Awards were presented. Then, during the roll call of the finalists for the Best Beauty and Fashion Blog Award National level, the presenter was actually puzzled on how she was going to pronounce Jenne Chrisville. When the moment of the declaration came, the enveloped was opened, then the presenter utter the words, “This is the name that I can not pronounce.” BOOM! I  immediately knew who the winner was. I won. I mean, Kuya Macey won!!! I couldn’t help but be happy while saying a million OMG’s inside my head.  Hahaha! Good thing, Mia was there to assist me and take some photos while receiving Kuya Macey’s much awaited award. Though he was physically absent, I felt like I was sharing the stage with him. Oh how momentous!!! As I was on my way back to my sit, I noticed that people were mumbling ‘coz I used the pronoun “HIM” to represent Kuya Macey. When I asked ate Mia about it, she said that they were intrigued about Jenne Chrisville ‘coz they thought that the blogger behind it was a female.

Me while receiving the Best Beauty and Fashion Blog Award in behalf of Macey.

Me and the other winners of this year’s Philippine Blog Awards. It was an unforgettable experience sharing the stage with the Philippine blogging sphere’s cream of the crop.

Aside from being a celebration of Filipino bloggers, it was also an inspiring night for everyone because the supposedly budget for food and cocktails was given to the joint project of the PBA and the Habitat for Humanity called the Blogger Bahay Project. This aims to give aid to our homeless Filipino people and the ones who are in the poverty line. This is also the organization’s way of making things in line with their “bayanihan” (cooperative endeavor) theme. Instead of the usual glass plaques that the winners receive annually, this year’s trophy is quite unique and symbolic- a man riding a buffalo aka carabao. Aside from the woodcarving, the PBA organization also handed the envelope that contains the names of the winning blog per category.

My Philippine Blog Awards experience was unforgettable not because I was dressed-up for a special occasion but because first, I had my experience on how life is in the cyber world of bloggers and second, I shared a very momentous event with a friend who I love so much. Congratulations and more power to Gervin Macey and Jenne Chrisville!



Niña Belle Gavan is a graduate of AB-BSE Major in Social Science in the Royal and Pontifical  University of Santo Tomas (UST). She was my colleague in Teatro Tomasino, me being the Secretary and her, the PRO  External of the organization. Eventually, she became Teatro’s Artistic Director/President and Business Director/Treasurer respectively, after I graduated. Currently, she’s taking her master’s degree UST Graduate School majoring in Development Studies. She’s also a teacher of Asian History, Culture and Development and a class adviser in the UST High School.

Thank you, Niña, for representing me during the Philippine Blog Awards in spite of your schedule! Please take care of my buffalo until I get home this Christmas. I love you! Congratulations also to my co-Teatro member Mia Estolano of Me, Mice-self and I for being a finalist in the Photoblog category.


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3 Responses to Jenne Chrisville Represent!!! By Niña Belle Gavan

  1. rins says:


    Congratulations for winning 2011 Best Beauty and Fashion Blog! I admire blogs like yours because seriously, my sense of fashion eluded me long before we even met!

    Thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment on my blog. I am now a stalker of yours. 🙂

  2. citybuoy says:

    I swear I was right behind her. Haha

  3. explorer says:


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