2wenty 5ive

I used to be over excited about my birthday though I don’t usually have grand plans like parties to celebrate. The thought of having a personal new year made me look forward to what life could offer. But it seems like I’m undergoing some changes brought by aging so this year,  I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I even just remembered that it was coming 3 days. Thanks to my co-worker who coincidentally has the same birthday with me!

But I guess the heavens know how to make things right for you when you least expect it. I didn’t really plan anything for my day but the people around me wanted to celebrate it for me

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My birthday was a normal working day for me and everything seemed to be pretty normal except for a few greetings before our daily morning meeting and the special clay birthday cakes which were made for me by some sweet students. I couldn’t really take a day off from work because it’s the busiest time of the year due to the children’s Christmas concert which is one of the biggest school events every year. Aside from the teaching and watching over children, I was also painting boards and backdrops for plays.

Being greeted on my birthday is heart-warming but what melted my heart was how my friends from Tokyo Fashion said it. Flattering words! I never thought I was “fine” but when one finds me that way,  I just can’t help but smile and appreciate.  Many thanks to Tokyo Fashion who has been good to me ever since they discovered my blog and find it amusing. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Before we departed ways from our Versace x H&M shopping extravaganza last Saturday, Carey invited me to have a very simple dinner celebration at Shibuya. Monday came and we went to this small Italian restaurant and had ourselves pizza, carbonara, caprese and red wine after work. Then, we had some window shopping for future purchases which was so hard for us because we’ve already spent enough for the Versace x H&M collection. I also opened my co-worker’s gift for me which I didn’t expect from him. He told me to open it outside the school and when I did, I was surprised it was a letter G keychain from Prada. Last year, I received a Prada bag from my boss and this year another Prada but a keychain. I am so close from declaring my birthday November 21 as my official Prada Day.

When I got home, my mom cooked pancit bihon. We Filipinos believe that in order to have a long life, one must serve and eat noodles and pasta during our birthdays.

The next day, my boss invited me to have dinner with her and 2 other co workers who happened to have the same birthday with me. We went to a very famous Korean barbecue restaurant which was really good then headed to a karaoke place to grant my request. And please don’t be bothered with my last pic. I was just trying to be erotic-seductive while biting a menthol-flavored lip cream. Apparently, I failed in the attempt and made a complete fool looking constipated. Hahahahaha!!!

One of the best things I did this year was not posting my birthday in Facebook and not tweeting a “Hey! Happy birthday to me” in Twitter at exactly 12 midnight. And gosh! I was surprised by the people who greeted me. Two days after, people are still sending their love through wall posts with the word “belated” in happy birthday. I guess they still don’t have any idea that they’re late. Nevertheless, a birthday wish and a greeting will always be appreciated.

And it’s so stupid of me to take my camera  just to find out my SD card isn’t inserted. So that left me with no choice but to take all photos through my phone. In moments like this, I remember how much I wanted a camera phone for myself when I was younger but my mom wouldn’t let me. She told me that I could buy it for myself when I start working. Obviously she was right. Just saying!

I am thankful for the 25 years and everything that happened in between that quarter of a century. The blessings and mishaps, the joys and the pains, the laughter and the tears, the triumphs and the falls, the deaths and the resurrections and everything! They all contributed to who, what and where I am right now and they shall be my guide to be the person I wanna be in the future.

Cheers to life!


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4 Responses to 2wenty 5ive

  1. Happy BIrthday Gervin!

  2. citybuoy says:

    happy birthday! 🙂

  3. Yaptus says:

    Belated happy birthday!! Sending all my love from PH! 😀

  4. Tokyoholic says:

    Happy birthday Gervin!!!! Have a beautiful new year of your life!!! Wish you lots of health, beauty and luck!!!

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