Almost Terry But Not Really

Nope! It’s not Terry Richardson. First I’m Asian. Second, we have a big age gap and lastly, my hair is still intact to my head. LOL! Kidding!

It was a rainy day in Tokyo when the Versace x H&M collection landed in Japan. Since I know it’s gonna be cold out there, I decided to wear this very warm plaid shirt I got from Uniqlo last month. It turns out that it was only cold in the morning but the temperature suddenly went up when it was 10:00 am. I actually partnered this with a red down jacket from my younger brother but then, it was already too warm and decided to take it off.

Gifted glass frames, Uniqlo shirt, H&M denim and Levi’s shoes

I have sported this look last month during the Tokyo Fashion Week but wasn’t able to really take photos of myself those times because of the endless running I had to do to get from one show to another. I love how the preppiness of the plaid shirt and the strong casual masculinity that the jeans and suede shoes complemented each other to form one simple good look.

Click for more photos and reads.

The rain was a blessing and a pain during that day. Blessing because it made people lazy to get up from bed so they couldn’t come earlier to H&M which means lesser competition for the pieces and a pain because it made my paper bag wet and broke it. Good thing it gave up exactly the moment I arrived home.

Though this appears to be inspired by photographer Terry Richardson’s signature look, I want to tell that I’ve always desired for a plaid shirt and it has to be red because it’s my favorite color. On the other hand, I still feel sad that I wasn’t able to have the photographer’s famous thumbs up pose while wearing this. Blame it on the rain for washing my brains away!

And yeah! Terry’s plaids are red and blue. Mine is black and red. Almost Terry but not really.


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