Keiyo Christmas

Hey everyone! I know I owe you a lot of posts and I am really sorry if I haven’t been updating for sometime. It really feels weird to be in the midweek of November having only 7 posts while the previous ones have boosting numbers from 20 to 30 plus. Really weird!

So today, I am trying to write to give you some catch up. This is a shot of mine taken by my co-teacher while on our way home from work. That explains the dead tired eyes and messy hair so anyone can say it’s a not-so-fashionable photo. I tried my best to do a decent pose for the camera but apparently, it didn’t work. I am wearing this jacket that I got in the Philippines which is warm enough to protect me from the harsh Tokyo cold. And I find it odd how warm it is considering the fact that I bought it in my tropical native land.

I also took some shots of the newly renovated Keiyo Street Area in Tokyo Station. Click for more photos and reads.

So the temperatures here in Tokyo have started to drop which means we have to bid goodbye to autumn and say hello to winter. Compared to summer, I don’t like winter because it’s hard for me to dress up. Too much layers plus the fact that I am not that gifted in mix-and-matching. In summer, you just have to put on some cool shirt and short pants and voila! You already have an outfit entry. On the other hand, it takes me sometime to convince myself that I already look good during the cold season. I keep on digging on my closet, looking at the mirror then dig again then look again and the cycle just continues until I finally am satisfied.  So I really admire people who knows how to put on the right clothes with the right amount of layering so they’ll feel warm and look fashionable at the same time…in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, winter is the time for Christmas that’s why Christmas decos have started to pop out everywhere in Tokyo. And that reminds me that I am going home in the Philippines this winter break. After 2 long years, I’m finally back to my own country and this time, it’s gonna be special because I’m going for a short trip to Bohol island which is a famous tourist spot for sightseeing and the beach. It’s gonna be my first time in so many years to travel domestically and enjoy a view of a white sand beach with a clear blue ocean. Plus, some of my friends promised me a tour around Metro Manila specially the places where I haven’t been to when I was still living there. Though I was born and raised there, I knew Tokyo more than Manila because I was so scared to get lost back then. Now that I am bigger, I guess I can manage myself if ever I lose my way. I just can’t wait  to know my city and my country a little bit more through traveling.

But before my Christmas vacation, I have to work hard because it’s really busy at my school now. The kids and the teachers are all preparing for the coming school Christmas concert which is the biggest event of the year. As expected, I was put in the Dance group. Meaning, aside from my own dance class in the afternoon, I also have to dance for an hour and 20 minutes in the morning for the concert. How “untiring” is that??? So guys, you already know the cause if ever I die any moment from now- dance overdose!


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