REEM 2012 Collection @ Lapnet Ship

I have never heard of the brand REEM until I received an email, telling me that it’s gonna have a limited showroom in Harajuku until December. Curious of what it can offer, I went there last Saturday, November 12, 2011 to check. I arrived at the Lapnet Ship which was a space owned by the famous giant La Foret mall in Harajuku and I was welcomed by this wonderful dress which was standing while being supported by wooden balloon skirt. With that being said, I know I’ll be having a taste of some eccentric street fashion.

REEM is a British label by Iraqi-born London-based designer Reem Alasadi who loves fusing fashion and art. She mixes different vintage materials, put them all together to make a whole new piece or even a whole new fabric. So don’t be surprised if you see leather, cashmere, laces, knits etc all put together in one clothing. And the whole artsy-fartsy thing doesn’t end in the materials. Her clothes are also made with dramatic proportions and unconventional cuts which really is something that is a sure hit to the Japanese street fashion lovers. She never follows fashion trends, rather, she  loves defying all of the rules and create a whole new world for everyone. Wearing something from REEM will give you a one-in-a-million feeling for she only produces one piece per design. Meaning once you purchase anything from the brand, there is no one else in this world who’ll ever wear the same shirt or jacket ever. Knowing how this industry value individuality in dressing up, it is also the perfect label for that purpose.

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REEM is also a fan of ecological awareness. Aside from her reuse intake in creating clothes, she also show cases a once-a-year collection that already features spring-summer and the autumn-winter.

“Imagine the collective impact of our huge international fashion carbon footprint. By changing the way we do things we have a chance to be more creative and more productive. We can respect the earth’s resources but also own time, energy and creativity. By showing both seasons I can spend more time creating and the buyers can budget in advance and everybody works in a much calmer and more focused fashion.”- Reem Alasadi on her one runway/two seasons approach.

Her 2012 collection is entitled “Twisted Oliver”- her own and artistic expression of the famous Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist. This is an original fabric that Reem made out from various materials. One can see closely how she put them all together and stitched them to make them all compact. It’s really fun to see the pieces and be in love with its unique texture.

Though the clothes may be a little too free-spirited to some people, they are actually wearable and comfortable. Can you tell me all the fabrics and materials that you can see in these pieces?

REEM also has accessories which are to die for. You just won’t believe how rad they are with all of the stuff she put together- feathers, patches, old watches, keychains (I saw a Miss Saigon memorabilia in one of them) and a lot lot more. I was also amazed with the spiked shoe cover she made- a piece that can put a 360 degree turn to your plain shoes.

And of course, I had the chance to try on some pieces but definitely, this jacket is my most favorite. Though the fluffy sleeves made my arms a little bit bigger that usual, I actually find it amusing because it’s really warm and wearable. The big stitches and slightly pointed shoulders give a haute couture effect, making it look edgier.

I love the black that black leather lining in the waist area which makes slimmer. And those tails give the jacket elegance in a very street style manner. Please don’t mind the price tag there because it was stuck on a place where it could be seen easily.

Me and the lovely Reem Alasadi of REEM.

If you guys wanna go to the limited REEM shop, it’s located at the Lapnet Ship at 1-9-11 1F Jingumae, Shibuya ku, Tokyo. It runs until December 11, 2011. And for my beloved readers who enjoy street fashion, REEM is giving you a 30% discount in all your purchased items once you mentioned my blog, Jenne Chrisville. Amazing right?! Go and run now to Harajuku and enjoy this one-of-a-kind collection.


Big hugs to the REEM team from Jenne Chrisville!!!


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