Tokyo Fashion’s Night Out 2011

November 5 2011 when Tokyo experienced an overdose of vogueness when 17 international Vogue editors around the world including the great Anna Wintour of US Vogue, Emmanuelle Alt of French Vogue, Franca Sozzani of Vogue Italia and Alexandra Shulman of British Vogue, come together to celebrate Tokyo Fashion’s Night Out 2011. The shop-for-a-cause event was also joined by different designers from different labels (Roberto Cavalli, Christopher Bailey, Michael Kors, Kris Van Asche and many more) to show support to Japan and the Japanese people who serves as one of their biggest inspirations in creativity and also one of the biggest markets of luxury goods all over the world. Anna Wintour together with Vogue Nippon’s editor-in-chief Mitsuko Watanabe talked together and conjoined with Conde Nast’s leaders on what to do after what happened during the Great Tohoku Earthquake that occurred last March 11 this year. Thus this bigger-than-last-year’s Tokyo FNO was conceived, bringing together the greatest fashion and publication powers for support.

Anna Wintour, Anna Dello Russo, Alexandra Shulman, Rumi Neely of, Denni Elias of, Christopher Bailey and a lot more after the jump. Click now for more photos and reads.

The event was well received by the Japanese people, considering the number of people who were present since the opening event at Omotesando Hills. When arrived at the venue, it was so crowded that it was impossible find a good spot to take photos of the events. Luckily, my friends Meg and Ryodai were already at the 3rd floor basement of the venue. There was a huge stage set up that followed the shape of the humongous staircase of Omotesando Hills.

Chris Peppler and Ai Tominaga as hosts for the opening ceremonies of Fashion’s Night Out. Ai Tominaga was so ravishing during that day. So beautiful! And her legs are sooooooooo long.

They were later joined by model Tao Okamoto (not in the picture) and pop rock star Anna Tsuchiya who wore a flowing gown from Gucci AW 2011. I love Anna! Aside from her gorgeous looks, her energy is really high and her sense of humor is indisputable. I think she’s the only one in the 4 hosts who were cracking jokes and trying to make the audience scream.

And the whole crowd started to roar when the 17 Vogue editors, Conde Naste leaders, and participating designers were called one by one on stage. Because I was in a not-so-good position, I wasn’t able take a shot of every editor. But I tried my best. Here’s a very stolen shot of Vogue Italia’s Franca Sozzani.

Everyone just went crazy when the highest priestess of fashion, Anna Wintour, was called to the stage. I know that she’s really famous everywhere but I didn’t know that she was REALLY big here in Japan. I can’t believe of how much of a rock star treatment she received in every store she visited. And you guys decide if she gave me THE look. Ha! Nah! Of course she didn’t. The sunglasses are very deceiving, I know.

After the ceremonies, everyone started shopping at 3pm. We stepped out of Omotesando Hills and while we were deciding where to go first, we bumped on British Vogue’s Alexandra Shulman. We had a little chat and I found out that it was her first time to visit Tokyo. She was really happy when I told her that I love the current issue of her magazine that features a Marilyn-Monroe-look-alike Rihanna.

Then we decided to go to the newly-opened Roberto Cavalli boutique in Aoyama. The store offered drinks and dance music by famous Tokyo DJ’s like Tamara, Diego and Adam. As a celebration of the event, Cavalli showcased its new line of fragrances.

Me and Roberto Cavalli Japan’s president Marco. I love Marco. He’s the sweetest and jolliest guy ever! And I didn’t notice that we were wearing similar glasses.

Then I stopped by Stella McCartney where I met Denni Elias of Chicmuse. She was wearing Dolce & Gabbana AW 2011 and Chanel sunglasses. I had a little talk with her and she’s really a very sweet girl.

There was a rice pounding event in Theory which was so festive and boosting with energy.

Then we stopped by Prada which had this army of mannequins with Japanese animated eyes display of their AW 2011 collections. It was such a hit that people can’t stop taking pictures. Of course, I took one for myself too.

Tell me how insane this is. A gigantic Prada suit case where I can fit in my whole house.

We wanted to stopped by Michael Kors and meet Anna Wintour, Michael Kors and Jennifer Hudson but it was so crowded and the guards wouldn’t even let anybody enter the store. So I just decided to separate from my group for a while to stop by Burberry. And lo and behold! I just met the biggest designer crush of my life, Christopher Bailey! I am such a big fan of his works. I was able to talk to him for a minute and he was totally a nice guy. I even told him how amazed I was when artificial rain fell during his AW 2011 show. I was really trying to keep myself cool so after talking and taking a picture with him, I just told to myself that I can already die. Moreover, it was nice to see that Burberry and starting to get ready for the holiday season.

Then I dropped by Emporio Armani where there was a performance of Japanese pop start Thelma Aoyama. I was so happy to see Mai-chan again who I really love so much. Mai-chan forbid it but for one second, I thought I was her husband Ryota here minus the sky-rocketing height.

It was lovely to meet Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad. So sweet! I love how our skins contrast each other.

Then we had a long stop at Fendi because the rain started to fall like crazy.

Me and my favorite girls in the world, Rolane and Akemi. It took us hours just to find each other in the middle of the crowded FNO event.

Me with Akemi, Manaha and Shotaro. I met these Japanese kids last Tokyo Fashion Week. Believe me, this young bloods are really hungry for their dreams to come true. Of course, being the teacher that I am, I am all support to these kids. Manaha is such a sweet girl while Shotaro is so cute and adorable.

I also saw model and friend Liv Lo at Fendi. She was wearing this beautiful Fendi dress and shoes that made her more gorgeous and radiant. It made me feel so embarrassed to stand right next to her. Hahaha!!!

Another Rumi Neely moment at Fendi.

And I was in the middle of buying something at Fendi when I was so surprised who came in the store. It’s Vogue Nippon’s editor-at-large and self-confessed fashion maniac Anna dello Russo. It’s was a dream come true to finally meet and talk to her for a few seconds. She was already looking tired and she told me that her shoes were killing her. I just wanted to give her a big hug for a day of hard work but all I did was to tell her that fashion is not really easy. She agreed and said it’s for Fashion’s Night Out. Maybe I wanted to die when I met Christopher Bailey earlier but I was so glad that the heavens didn’t listen to me or else, I wouldn’t have met Anna.

After meeting Anna, I apologized to Ricardo, the store manager who was assisting me the whole time and who I ran away from when Anna came in the store. I bought this lovely scorpio key chain. Then, Rolane and Akemi decided to go home while Manaha, Shotaro and I had a quick bite and a few talks in a nearby cafe. We tried going to the closing ceremonies but we couldn’t find a good spot so we just decided to go home. I called my coach driver and after a few minutes, he arrived with my lovely carriage.

LOL! Kidding!

Participating in this year’s FNO is certainly one of the best things I had in my life. Shopping while meeting these people who I only see in the interwebs is such a dream come true. I couldn’t even believe that they really exist. LOL! And it’s so touching that all of them came here to show support to this great nation. The Tokyo FNO 2011 gives a very positive energy and a spark of hope to Japan, an energy that will help to make this country rise again from the ashes.

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2 Responses to Tokyo Fashion’s Night Out 2011

  1. Thanks so much for this post! I only recently found your blog but damn, it’s great 🙂 I was super bummed that I had to miss out on FNO but at least I got to see some great shots here on your blog 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Fashion overload! Way to go, Gervs! =)

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