Rock Mom

So here’s the story! My mom bought this dress from the bazaar near the church and showed it to me. I found it boring but I knew it could work once matched with the proper accessories and other stuff. So I pulled out everything that I could find in her closet and start putting them on her.

After “styling” (I’m REALLY hesitant to use the word) her, I asked my mom to pose for me but she refused because she had to cook dinner at that time. Yet I was able to convince her and here it is. Please don’t mind her hair because she didn’t let me touch it. She said she was too tired for she had to work after the bazaar. Also don’t mind how messy our house is. What do you expect from an apartment that houses 6 people? A hurricane of course!!!

If you find the the belt and boots familiar, it’s because I wore them last Halloween for my Gaga costume. The belt belongs to my mom and I gave her the boots since they are too high and I don’t really wear sky-towering heeled shoes. Yes, my mom and I usually trade stuff. she sometimes borrow my clothes and vice versa. But hey, don’t get me twisted, I can’t wear this dress…unless I decide to go drag again. Hahahahaha!!

So what do you think about my mom’s look?


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3 Responses to Rock Mom

  1. citybuoy says:

    She’s so cute! 🙂

  2. Ela says:

    She looks really cool! I wish I could pull that off :))

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