The Faces Of The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo SS 2012

If there is something that I love about the recently concluded Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo, it’s the fact that I met a lot of people, old and new. It’s fun to bump into common faces who I usually see in events and parties in Tokyo and it’s equally fun to meet people for the first time and learn from them big time. Of course, it gets better when you meet for the first time people who have been inspiring and giving you more drive to continue what you love doing. Here are some of the many people I saw and met during Tokyo Fashion Week.

Susanna “Susie” Lau of Style Bubble. I am so amazed with her humility and sweet personality. I will never forget the time when she came to me and personally thanked me for the “sweet” post I wrote about our first meeting. Since then, I just didn’t admire her for what she has achieved through blogging but also her attitude to those people who are more little than her. Thank you, Susie! The fact that you remember my name is already a big joy to my heart. You can call this fan girling but I am such a melodramatic amateur fan blogger who looks up to you aside from your colleagues. More power to Style Bubble!

This is a picture of Susie together with David and Danny Roberts of Igor and Andre, a blog which is well-known for its sketches and drawing videos. I’ve been seeing so much of the Roberts since day 4 of the MBFT but it was only in the last day that I got the courage to approach them when I saw them waiting at their seats before the Phenomenon show.

Vogue Brasil’s international correspondent Evan Czar, Tokyo Fashion Diaries’ Misha Janette, Japanese celebrities Verbal and Debbie Fujin after the jump. Go click!

This is the fierce Evan Czar, international correspondent of Vogue Brasil. I was intimidated with him at first with his diva attitude but once you get yourself into a conversation with Evan, you will be amazed of his ideas and thoughts about fashion.

Japan’s most favorite stylist and fashion blogger, the always avant garde Misha Janette of Tokyo Fashion Diaries. She’s certainly one of the busiest people during Tokyo Fashion Week coz she was present in almost all of the shows. One of the joys in seeing Misha is the fact that you don’t have any idea what she’s going to wear and she’ll just surprise you with how she looks. Eccentric hats, big accessories, unconventional outifts- name it and Misha can simply pull it off.

I was also lucky enough to spot some local Japanese celebrities during the shows. This is famous rapper and DJ Verbal. Some people find him weird. I don’t. I actually find him cool and handsome. And the man has his own sense of style.

Dewi Sukarno aka Debbie Fujin, a famous Japanese socialite who was one of the wives of former Indonesian leader, Sukarno. Meeting Madame Debbie is like meeting Imelda Marcos. She’s full of innate glamour and poise that can easily intimidate a commoner. Luckily, she was kind enough to pose for me. Too bad, I was too shy to have our picture taken together.

And of course, future super fashion blogger of the world, Gervin Macey of Jenne Chrisville. LOL!

This is me and Ama of MP Magazine right after the In Process by Hall Ohara show.

I was able to see again my friend Kjeld of Japanese Street, Mai-chan of Maisassygirl and the famous Noritaka Tatehana, who I was so shy to approach but then, waved his hand and greeted me when he saw me. My heart was so overwhelmed at that moment that all I did was bow to him with respect. I was also able to made friends with some people from Fashion TV and who were really warm and nice.

I can’t wait for my next fashion week experience!!!


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