Phenomenon SS 2012 Collection

Here are some photos that I took during the Phenomenon SS 2012 show which definitely is one of my favorites during the recently concluded Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo.

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First of all, I wanna apologize for the over load of pictures in this post. I just can’t help it. I was browsing all of my Phenomenon pics and was trying to flag all of the ones that I really like. Apparently, it turned out that I have 37 shots that made it to my “like” list.

Phenomenon SS 2012 was definitely phenomenal as it featured different looks which are inspired by college boys. Most of the styles were really preppy with the ankle length trousers, shorts, cardigans, plaids and blazer jackets but there were also jock references with the Sue Sylvester-ish jersey coat.  I just love how Phenomenon played all the colors in every possible way. The color blocking looks were really amazing. The clothes may look really bright for some but they look really manly without any hesitation. There were also interesting pieces that caught the eye of spectators. One of them are the candy beaded pieces of leather shirt and shorts that looked really luscious in the runway. Another are these sparkling sequined tights that seemed to be fish scales. There was also a floral belt that seemed to be too feminine but gave a very interesting perspective, that boys can also wear flowers on them and still look masculine. There were also sailor pants which has a shoe lace track until the knees which are really compelling.

Aside from the clothes, what enticed me the most are the bags and shoes of Phenomenon. I love the clutch bags and the unconventional green triangular hand bag. The shoes were also really excellent, mostly pointed ones and boat shoes which are perfect for the preppy guy. Though this is the case, the clothes still have the touch of street style which is the heart of Phenomenon.

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