Christian Dada SS 2012 Collection

Here are some of the shots I took during one of the most anticipated shows in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo, Christian Dada.

Click here for more photos and reads.

Because of its stunning performance last season and a Lady Gaga stint during the MTV Japan Video Aid, a lot of people are asking what will happen to the Chritian Dada show. I know it’s all pressure but designer Masanori Morikawa didn’t disappoint with his SS 2012 show. This collection is composed mostly of black pieces with some see-through materials, all looking really strong and edgy. Morikawa-san took inspiration from the art video of the Japanese artist collective “S/N” which was based about the sufferings of one of their members while fighting against HIV. Hence, darkness loomed over the show and the clothes. Aside from the black palette, there were also a lot of symbols pertaining to death. Look at those dried varnished twigs and branches shaped like the skeletal system, a huge walking box with a peep-hole at the center that seemed to be a coffin with those dried wreath of roses, the long black veil, and a huge cross in the conclusion of the show.

Watching a Christian Dada show is like watching a fashion show and visiting an art exhibition. You’ll never know how much you can see and get with all the overflowing creativity of the label! However, though amazing as it can be, the large props like the cage and the big animal skull with horns and twigs are so much of attention-getters that it had the potential to lose all the audience’s focus on the clothes. Most of the pieces are sleeveless and show a lot of skin so it could have been better if there was more accessories which can be death-related to put more accent. Nevertheless, Christian Dada was able to convey its message to its audience and that’s a very important thing as a designer and an artist.

Good job, Morikawa-san!!!


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