Yukiko Hanai Spring Summer Collection 2012 Part 1: The Traditional Kimono

These are the shots that I took during the first half of the Yukiko Hanai SS 2012 Collection show. It was consisted with beautiful traditional kimonos.

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What a way to start my 2nd day of shows for the Tokyo Fashion Week. My first Japanese brand  show, Yukiko Hanai, gave me a taste of real Japan with its showcase of really beautiful kimonos. If you guys aren’t aware, the kimono industry is alive and kicking here for the Japanese still use these amazing costumes for formal occasions such as weddings, graduations and the likes. I don’t know but whenever I see Japanese women wearing them, it makes them look more elegant and subtly glamorous.

The Yukiko Hanai SS 2012 kimonos are mostly with floral designs particularly the Japanese national flower cherry blossoms. Others were also looking elegant with their other nature-derived embroideries like bamboo leaves, clouds and even sea waves. I was particularly intrigued by the obis around the models’ waste. The designs are very intricate and the embroidery is so flawless. I’ve known this before but I’ve never thought of how Japanese people tie these oversized belts on their waste. It seems to be more complicated than what it looks like when it’s done.

The whole show was very tranquil with the accompaniment of soothing traditional Japanese music. Walking while wearing these art-like dresses is an art. It’s like moving in the wind with grace and poise. Amazing how these Japanese models do it with perfection. Good job, Hanai-san! Hands down to you and your whole team.

Hold on to the second part of the Yukiko Hanai show, the modern pieces. You will love it. Just hold on! I love you.


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