Harry Shum Jr. x Da Man Magazine

OMFG! I am soooooooo drooling now with what I’m seeing! These are the photos of Harry Shum Jr. aka Mike Chang of Glee for the current issue of Da Man Magazine.

Talk about Asian hotness!

I know you want more so might as well, click here for more photos and reads.

Ok ladies and gays, we can all stop fantasizing about his Asian Adonis physique. Rather let’s appreciate his  very stylish looks now.

Let’s admit it! You can’t help but fantasize being naked with Harry because of the oozing sex appeal of his topless photos. Who wouldn’t want to spend a night or two with a very handsome, sexy and talented young man? Look at those abs and chest! I can lay on them all of my life without worrying about tomorrow and the coming days. And hey, would you believe he’s 29??? I thought he’s way younger than that.

Physique aside, we can also see that photographer Mitchell Nguyen McCormack captured the stylish side of Harry. He looks so sharp and smart while wearing an Armani suit and a set of turtle neck shirt and pants from Louis Vuitton. Read his exclusive interview with Da Man Magazine HERE.

I promise that if I’ll have an Asian boyfriend, he has to be somebody like Harry Shum!!! So guys, you heard it. Hahaha!!!

PS: Credits to MaleCelebNews.com for the photos.


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2 Responses to Harry Shum Jr. x Da Man Magazine

  1. citybuoy says:

    I’m sorry, you lost me with the shirtless pictures. After that, I just couldn’t focus on what you were talking about. lol maybe I’ll go read this again but with the pictures turned off. haha

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