Fashion Telegraph’s Top 20 Spring Summer Handbags

Lately, I am having a bag lust withdrawal. Meaning, I’m experiencing this slow lost of interest with bags and I guess I can blame it to my Singapore adventure which was my first travel abroad. I enjoyed it so much that I wanna do it more often like how I almost bought one designer bag after another during my early years in Tokyo. Yet, I think lessening my materialistic attitude is a good thing because it helps me to be more appreciative of the better things in life which are really not tangible.

But lately, Fashion Telegraph just released their list of prospective IT bags for SS 2012. I took a look on it I should say that it somehow (take note, somehow) resurrected the bag lover in me. These are my top picks from the list.

First is this white Fendi bag with colorful studs. Is it just me or does it really like a Hello Kitty head minus the eyes and nose with square M&M chocolates all over it? Looks cute and yummy!!!

Click for more photos and reads.

Oversized Victoria Beckham bag. It’s spacious and plain but simple is definitely chic.

Tommy Hilfiger. Oh yes! I didn’t expect a very beautiful and less sporty bag from him but certainly, this bag is so stylish that you’ll forget it’s from Tommy.

3.1 Philip Lim. Handy and very usable! And look how buttery and soft it looks like. Certainly, Philip Lim is the master of minimalism.

Christian Dior. With Galliano or not, this is a proof that Dior will never lose that touch of beauty they have.

And say hello to this Derek Lam bag. Be mesmerized with its stunning python skin patchwork and those metallic details.

Click HERE to see Fashion Telegraph’s whole list.

I wish I can be the richest gayboy in the world and buy all these bags that I want to so I can get rid this bag lust, lurking all over my mortal body. Oh yeah, don’t forget the clothes and the shoes too! I wanna be rich and glamorous! LOL!

Just saying.

PS: Photos courtesy of Fashion Telegraph


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2 Responses to Fashion Telegraph’s Top 20 Spring Summer Handbags

  1. citybuoy says:

    the victoria beckham bag will fit my laptop, umbrella, notebooks, cigarettes, etc. now, how to use it without looking like a fool. lolz

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