Forrest Gump Is Once In A Lifetime

I spent my Friday night, hanging out with my friend Keita and a new friend, Yayoi (who is so sweet). Yayoi has this Facebook photo album of shaved and skinheads. Since I showed her my hairstyle, she decided to add me to her collection.

We had dinner in a very nice place in Shibuya and talked all the way until late night. I really love Japanese peeps who have lived in another country. They are more opinionated, expressive, not shy, and very outgoing. Unlike the common Japanese, they have been exposed to a different culture which makes them more open-minded and stronger when it comes to speaking their minds. They are aggressive in a good way and are more free thinkers.

Anyways, as we were talking about anything under the sun- career, business, love, sex, relationships and the likes- Keita used the Japanese expression 一期一会 (ichi go ichi e) which means “once in a life time” in English. He forgot its translation so he decided to rely on Google Translate. He typed the expression and this is what came out.

WTF!?!?! Forrest Gump? How is that movie even related to the expression “once in a life time” cliche. Google Translate is a good application when it comes to translating words and few-worded phrases but when it comes to idioms and figures of speech, they give you the most hilarious results. That’s why it’s not 100% reliable.

That night, Keita told me his adventures when he applied to Google. He wanted to work there so bad but didn’t make it unfortunately. After this very funny incident, I jokingly told him, “And you want to work with this people???” Hahaha!


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