Leopard On The Loose

WARNING: To all residents of Tokyo, please be warned that a leopard has escaped from the famous Ueno Zoo and is now on the loose and nowhere to be found. These are the last photos of him which was captured while he was in disguise as a gay boy in a club in the downtown area.

Hahahahaha!!!! Kidding! I decided to be full on leopard during the Dom Perignon Night “Tokyo Photographer’s Night last September 17, 2011 at Le Baron de Paris. Though the prints of my top and my harem shorts were slightly but apparently different, it didn’t turn out to be that bad. I also wore my golden chucks to complete my attention-whore look. Luckily, it worked. LOL! Click HERE to view the photos of the party.

Also, during the same night, I got an invitation to a party in Velours which was a couple of blocks away from Le Baron. I walked my ass to the club and voila! I just crashed in a WHITE party. Imagine me being leopard-printed from top to bottom while everyone around me were immaculately white. Cray cray me!

Thanks to my ever dearest Hide, PR Manager of Le Baron, for the invitation!


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