Just When You Thought I Wasn’t There, Look Again!!!

Just when I thought my friend Chris from Pozland didn’t release any pics of me during the Tokyo Heart Beat event, he sent me ALL of the photos, including mine, from that night, edited and not. This is me while Chris was testing his camera before the party began. He asked me if he could take some photos of me so he could do some adjustments in the lights and all that stuff. Of course! I am nothing but a vain narcissist who dreams of world domination.

Click for more photos and reads.

And a candid shot of me while holding my cup of cassis orange. Oh yes, haters! I wear sunnies in the club while there’s a storm on going outside. You find it ridiculous? Take my middle finger with you and make it double.

This is me, sending some greetings to my ever dearest Dean of Intrepid Model Adventures before the party started. The man sharing the moment with us is Soren aka DJ Cash of Tokyo Heart Beat team. His expression while looking at me and Dean is priceless. LOL! Now, let the CAPTION CONTEST begin! Send me caption entries by commenting below this entry ok? LOL! I love you, Soren and Dean.

Voila! This is me with Nicole and Naoko, the lovely go-go ladies of the night. They look bad ass and I looked like a drunken crossbreed of a mouse and a donkey.

Here is a better version of the preceding picture. FIERCE to the nth power!!! These ladies couldn’t get enough of my cute sweater from Singapore. I also found it adorable that’s why I bought it at once. CHARLIE’S ANGELS WHO????

And if you really find this post vain, that’s your problem and not mine. I am saying no apologies for loving myself BIGTIME! (evil laughter) Mwahahahahahahaha!!!!

PS: Credits to Chris of Pozland Photography


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4 Responses to Just When You Thought I Wasn’t There, Look Again!!!

  1. nicole says:

    We love drunken mounskeys!!lol im stopping by looking to steal a picture of us together! LUFFLUFF JENNECHRISVILLE*

  2. Cez Javier says:


  3. citybuoy says:

    gervy, you are fiiiieeeeerrrcccceeeeee!!! 🙂

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