Crazy Saturday Night

Finally, a personal post! This is a break from all the fashion I’ve been blabbing for sometime because of New York Fashion Week. As much as I wanted to talk more about the collections, my eyes and brain cells are getting sick and tired from all the fash photos. I even looked at my blog and couldn’t see any photos of myself anymore. Isn’t it I blog about myself, not someone who plays the role of a fashion-journalist-wannabe? Oh well whatever! I’m talking shit now and maybe it’s all because of the tequila shots I had last night.

Saturday night was epic. Despite the lost of my university in the annual cheer dance competition (not even placing 1st or 2nd runner up), I went to three bars last night and shared some party moments with my girls, Liv, Yoko and Chi, together with the boys, Jun, Darin, DJ Joe, Goto-san aka Go-T, Keita and among others. My adventure started at Le Baron but I was all bored because I was alone so I followed Yoko and Liv to Velours for some champagne. There was a White Party going on which was produced by my beautiful friend, Ryo Chou but I crashed in with full on leopard prints from head to toe. Liv even told me “You shouldn’t be here. You should be in a Dolce & Gabbana party.” LOL!

The whole crew last night in Le Baron. There was an overflow of tequila shots when we had a stopover here that I can still feel a little pounding in my head.

Click for more reads and photos.

I met Darin and Sachiko aka Chi for the first time. They are a couple who are both Japanese but raised in LA so it means they are really cool people. Yoko took a photo of Darin’s back which is inked, inch by inch. That is more f*cking swag than any other Tokyo shit. It really gives me a feeling of envy whenever I see people with tattoos. I’ve been dreaming of having one myself but I am the type of person who easily gets tired of things so I am not pursuing it.

At Velours for some champagne.

My girl Yoko in the taxi while we were on the way to Shibuya for a hip hop party.

Candid Jun! This guy is a basketball player in Fukuoka. He told me that Filipinos are really badass when it comes to the sport.

Hiphop music makes me feel straight, seriously!

Party till the morning! I love this picture of Shibuya in early morn. Purely sunshine and blue skies!

And this is me, all f*cked up on my way home. I almost missed my station because I kept on dosing off in the train.

Again, thanks to the whole crew specially to Liv and Yoko! I always have fun whenever I am with you.

How was your Saturday night, guys? Hope you had fun like me. さようなら!


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