Don’t Make Me Snap My Fingers

I was browsing my Facebook feeds when I saw this one.

There’s nothing funnier and swagger at the same time with a little bratty kid who goes to school and acts bitchy while carrying a Gucci backpack. Lil Savion, I am no hater and I am happy that you are enjoying what you are doing but don’t you think you’re too young for all this black girl show off? Nevertheless, you made me smile and, like what you said in your song (but I don’t know if you’re just making it up or not), you have good grades. Kudos to you! That’s even cooler than warning your classmates to not make you snap your fingers.

Move over, Willow Smith! I ain’t whipping my hair back and forth no more or else I’m snapping my fingers on you.

“Elbow elbow wrist wrist,
Snap snap kiss kiss”


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4 Responses to Don’t Make Me Snap My Fingers

  1. The new song, that is.


  3. I know her personally, and she does get good grades. She’s a very bright kid and has a good, loving family behind her, including myself. Not all black families are broken anymore, and none want to be. We want the same as everyone else: to live express, and be happy. It’s good that you’re are a reasonable person because having to deal with ignorant people are just another suppression we must overcome. Nonetheless, we will prevail. All of our ancestors has given us proof of that. Peace to you.

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