Piper Bag by Furla


I went to the renewal opening event of Furla’s Ginza store. While I was walking around, I instantly had a love-at-first sight experience with their Piper bag.

Taken through Instagram.

Made from the finest cow leather, the Piper bag is definitely beautiful and lovely. It can be used for different kinds of occasion- from formal functions to your everyday office bag. The bag comes in two sizes but both of them are spacious in their own way. With that in mind, it’s user-friendly for you can put a number of stuff in it. Of course, the bigger the size, the more you can store. Also, this soft and buttery bag has a unique feature of having a zip in front of it plus a lock which adds security to it. It also comes with a shoulder strap if you wanna make your hands free and your shoulders work on the bag. Ottaviano Conzato, Furla Japan’s president, told me that this bag is one of their best sellers in the world, together with their famous Candy bag.

And Furla’s Piper has a secret.

It can actually smile at you. LOL! So adorable!

Now I have some reason to save some dough for myself. The Piper bag hasn’t left my dreams yet ever since I saw it in Ginza. Now, I promise myself to have this everyday mantra before I start my day.



Source: Bagaholicboy.com for the first image of the Piper bag



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2 Responses to Piper Bag by Furla

  1. Indeed it is a must have, in any material made, it stands out.

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