Furla Ginza Store Renewal Opening Event

Last September 2nd, 2011, I was invited to the renewal opening of Furla’s Ginza store.

The moment I entered the room, I immediately ran to where the bags are. You know how much I love bags. Like what Bruno Mars said, I would catch a grenade for them. LOL!

The iconic Furla Candy Bag.

Fringes for winter!!! Perfect!!!

I also took some shots of shoes and accessories.

Furla’s renewal opening event also had a theme named “Messages from the Moon.” In line with this, they’ve invited Ryuji Kagami, a well-known fortune teller, to a mini talkshow about the moon and its different effects to the society since the days of our forefathers. There were also fortune booths where everyone can get exciting prizes from Furla.

Me with the beautiful Amber.

Me with Furla Japan’s president Ottaviano Conzato.

Congratulations and more power, Furla Japan! Jenne Chrisville loves you!!! xxx



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