Jenne Gaga and Lady Chrisville

Hey guys, meet Jenne Gaga…

…and Lady Chrisville!

Last Sunday, I went to another karaoke party with my friend Sayoko. I thought it was going to be the usual karaoke box night but I was wrong. Sayoko brought me to this small basement snack bar which had a mini stage in front while carrying 3 bags full of costumes and wigs for everyone in the party. Little did I know that it was going to be a night filled with great performances. Usually most of the Japanese people who I’ve been to the karaoke were really bad singers but, that night, I was surrounded with the first Japanese peeps who have the greatest voices ever. We sang the night away with the tunes from the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s plus some great pop songs of today, both in English and Japanese.

 One of Sayoko’s friends brought this Lady Gaga costume complete with one shimmering jumpsuit, a wig with tin can rollers and a handmade avant-garde glasses. After his performance of Judas, the whole crowd asked me to put on the costume and sing a Gaga song. Since the voice of the majority is the voice of God, I couldn’t help but say yes to their request. I wore the costume and sang Love Game. I also concluded the night with Gaga’s Poker Face while wearing the 2nd wig plus Sayoko’s black 70’s inspired dress.

I usually say that I hate going drag because it really isn’t my thing. I can’t stand seeing myself wearing a very bright feminine costume while singing live or doing lip synch in front of a crowd. Yet, I admit, there are times when I give in because it’s either the crowd is very persistent or I’m already under the influence of alcohol. That night, I was both. LOL! Good times!

So who do you think looks better, Jenne Gaga or Lady Chrisville?


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2 Responses to Jenne Gaga and Lady Chrisville

  1. Jenne Gaga is so fierce!

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