I was all bored last Sunday so I decided to drop by my friend Akemi’s house and join her photo shoot together with her mom and our other girl friends, Niki and Ena.

Knitted sweater from Bugis in Singapore, tank top by GAP, bracelets from everywhere

I did nothing for my girls in the shoot but to tell them my SG adventures since it’s the first time we saw each other since I arrive in Tokyo. With that, Ena just took a lot of pictures of me and of course, I returned the favor. It was also my first time to meet Akemi’s family- her dad and mom Lilia, her husband Lenard, who’s a professional photographer in the Philippines and in Tokyo and her very adorable son, Yoshi, who already knows how to use an IMac at the age of 2. I missed my girls so much but it was so stupid of me to forget my gifts for them at work.

My life felt so flat and boring last weekend because I missed two parties last Friday- the Le Sports Sac x Joyrich event in Le Baron and my friend, Adam’s Fucking Friday in Tokyo Salon. My boss wanted me to go with her to the karaoke with 3 of my other workmates. It turned out that I had to nurse one of then because he drank more than what he could handle. I had to endure all his embarrassing acts in the train while we were on our way to Tokyo station. I came home late, leaving me with no time to prepare for my parties.

But then, the heavens is good enough to a sinner like me because he gave me something to smile about today. What is it? Well then, that’s something you guys have to find out. So you better stay tuned to Jenne Chrisville. This is one of the best things that have happened to me ever since I started blogging.

I can’t wait!


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