Jailed In The House

Hi guys! I’ve been jailed in the house since Saturday and I have nothing to do but to munch a bunch of junk foods and drink a lot of cola. So don’t be surprised if you’ll see a fat ass Gervin in my next blog posts. But I guess I will stop blogging once that happens. Plus, I haven’t shaved for 2 consecutive days, making me look all scruffy with these apparent facial hairs. A very hairy and fat Gervin? Can you picture it inside your head? OMG! I just can’t handle thinking about it. I have to work my ass ASAP.

I decided to go to the nearest mall a while ago to buy some important stuff. It’s back-to-work week for me (which is a very painful truth I have to face) so I bought 2 new pairs of shoes- one for indoor use and one for outdoor activities with my kids.

I bought these orange and yellow shoes from Vans for ¥2,100 or US$27 each pair. My shoes at work are almost near from being torn so I decided to lay them to eternal rest and buy new ones to harass.

In Japanese schools, you can’t wear the shoes you used outside. It means that you really need to bring a pair that you can use inside the school facilities. The outdoor shoes are used when playing with the kids. When coming to work, some people use non-sporty shoes (leather shoes, pumps etc) so they can’t use them for outside activities; thus, requiring you to have a different pair for those instances.

Just sayin’. さようなら!


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