The Lion City

Singapore is a very small city (even the country itself) so it’s really easy to go around, even by foot. If you get tired with walking, you can ride any of the public transportations- trains (MRT), buses and taxis. They are really efficient and very cheap.

These are the shots that I took while I was walking around the city. All of them are taken while the sun is up because my camera’s night mode sucks. Or maybe I should blame it on myself for having shaky hands.

Oh well, whatever! So here are the photos

I arrived at Singapore the day after the National Day which was a big celebration in the country. That’s why the Singaporean flag was everywhere, from the residential houses up to the buildings in the business districts. Too bad I missed it!

The Merlion Park by day.

The world’s tallest observation wheel, the Singapore Flyer. Though I was afraid of heights, I still took the chance to ride it. It was all worth it though because I was able to see the whole of Singapore from the top.

The Esplanade Theaters By The Bay, which was inspired by the durian fruit.

The F1 race tracks, slowly being prepared because the 3-day competition will start again at the end of September.

The Singapore National Museum.

The shopping district of Orchard Road

So excited for Singapore. They are opening their first H&M store in Orchard.

Clark Quay which is one of the best places for food and night life in Singapore. It also houses the Changi River.

This building is a museum which is under renovation. I forgot the name of this one which looks like Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica.


Bugis is the place for cheap shopping.

Orchard Road, Bugis, Clark Quay, Merlion Park, Escalade Theaters On The Bay, Chinatown, Singapore Flyer, the F1 Race Tracks and a lot more. I visited all those places in one day, by foot, the MRT and buses. Yup! That’s how small Singapore is- so small you can go tour it in one to two days.

I also love the architecture in Singapore. You can really see that they’ve preserved most of their old buildings with European influences. On the other hand, the modern infrastructures in the city are really superb and impressive. It seems like the aesthetics and design of each building were well planned.

PS: If you are wondering why I don’t have shots of myself, it’s because I was wandering around all by myself. Though I could have asked some tourists like me to take my photos, I was still shy to do so. Yes, people! I know how to be shy sometimes. LOL!


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