Yaptus’s First Make Up Video

My friend, Yaptus, made her first make up video ever. WARNING: This is NOT a tutorial but only a demonstration on how she does her make up everyday.

For those who don’t know, Yaptus is a “gyaru” fashion blogger who is based in Manila. It really amazes me how she can manage to wear the very flashy kind of fashion while living in the Philippines. Gyaru is such a bright and flamboyant kind of fashion that I can only imagine being worn by the Japanese. Filipinos, especially the conservative ones, would usually raise an eyebrow or two whenever something “unusual” catches their attention. Yet, Yaptus just proves to the world that fashion knows no limits and boundaries, that self expression is the most important when you wanna be stylish, even if it costs you to be called “different”.

To learn more about the make up she used in the video, check it out HERE.

I love you, Yaptus!


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2 Responses to Yaptus’s First Make Up Video

  1. Yaptus says:

    ahhh! im so touched TT.TT *tears of joy*
    thanks Gervin~ gyaru is starting to be enjoyed by the youths here, slowly but surely haha!(huge thanks to the internet!)
    Manong security guards and Jeepney drivers would often ask what anime I represent lol and they ask if my hair is real O.o

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