So Many Bags, So Many Shoes

I spent the weekend in my friend Rolane’s house and sleepovers with my girl friends means of vanity shots.

H&M shirt, Edwin denim shorts, D&G belt, Havaianas flip-flops, sun glasses from the department store and hat from Ueno.

I love what I wore here. Whites and jeans are just so perfect for Summer 2011. It’s easy and breezy.

The Louis Vuitton x Murakami Takashi bag is care of my friend Rolane. I took the bag from her and took a couple of shots because it’s the perfect bag for the season- a combination of color blocking and white.

I took off my flip flops and decided to put on Rolane’s new suede shoes. I’m sorry but please let me say this- I didn’t know that I can pull off wedges until I saw these photos. Hahaha! Seriously, I’m thinking of investing some dough on heels. Oh yes!!! Heels!!! I am really moving a level higher to all this androgyny thing in me. Hahaha! Apologies for the unnecessary hair in my legs. I didn’t shave them because I wasn’t thinking I was gonna wear heels that day.

So I was on my way to an event together with Rolane and her mom when I noticed her bag. I borrowed it from Rolane’s mom and asked Rolane to take some shots of me. Her Coach messenger bag puts a preppy touch to this very summery look.

After going to a Filipino event and Summer Sounds Party in Aoyama, Rolane and I decided to eat dinner in a Filipino restaurant. Her mom was there together with her friends when this very bright-tinted Coach handbag caught my attention. I immediately asked the owner of this bag if I could take a picture with it.

I love shoes and bags. I think I can spend less when on clothes but I can definitely give my arms and legs for a beautiful bag or a pretty pair of shoes. Too bad, all the bags and shoes in this entry are not mine. Haha! I’m such a poser but seriously, these items are worth taking a photo with.

And I also love outfits that can easily get paired with anything. This white shirt-denim combo is so easy to wear and easy to carry with any kind of footwear and bag. Neutral but very stylish.


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