Are You “Becky” and Proud?

Becky= n. a Filipino gay lingo word referring to a gay man

Zara rainbow shirt, D&G belt, Levis short, Adidas shoes, sunglasses from somewhere and a head-dress that I borrowed from someone in my friend, Rolane’s show.

Are you “becky” and proud?

This was the theme of the 22nd episode of Becky Nights. If you guys don’t know Becky Nights, it’s a podcast that’s slowly gaining popularity in the Philippines, hosted by 3 fashion gay men, Jake Galvez, Matt Gozun and Bern Rodriguez, with the special participation of the Philippines’ “Becky Queen”, Divine Lee. It talks about anything gay under the sun- boys, beauty, fashion, sex and gay problems. With the hosts’ perfect chemistry and no-holds-barred humor and spontaneity, the show is humorously entertaining and a must-listen for all gay, lesbian and even straight peeps.

Anyways, I participated in their 22nd episode and the hosts asked me the question of the night- are you becky and proud? (Click HERE to listen to Becky Nights Episode 22) I am a very shy person whenever I meet or talk to people at the first time so I was really shaky and nervous as the call was taking place but I think my answer was good enough. It could have been better if I was more confident and didn’t hold myself. But then, let me redeem myself from that experience. LOL! Allow me to share my story why I am out and proud as a gay man.

I remember when I was younger, my male relatives used to bully me because of my sexual preference. My uncles and my cousins are all womanizers and they want the “family legacy” to carry on to the next generation. Unfortunately, I took the opposite way and instead of wooing girls, I enjoyed catching attention of other men. With that, they became all raged at me, telling me that I was a disgrace to the bloodline and I would definitely go to hell being gay.

Instead of fighting back all their insults, I studied harder than my other straight cousins. I tried to be a source of pride to the whole clan by taking home my report card with very good grades and trophies which I ggot by winning school competitions. Five years ago, I went home one day with my university diploma, something that rarely happens in my family. I was one of the few who finished college among my cousins and my uncles. Most of them are drunkards and street bums who don’t realize what their future might be if they continue doing so. Now, I’m living in the beautiful city of Tokyo, having a decent job as a kindergarten teacher in an international school here and earning and spending my own money- a life that my other relatives can only dream of having.

It was quite bothering for me because my concept of a family is a group of people who loves and accepts you for whoever you are. All their harsh words and insults slashed my self-esteem. I even came to a point when I doubted if I was adopted or not. Yet, with all the things they told me, I never learned to hate them. I never planted the seed of anger in my heart but I promised to myself that one day, I would prove to them that they were wrong. Luckily, I DID IT. I did it not for the sole purpose of proving my worth but I also wanted to serve as an inspiration to them. I wanted to show them that a person’s gender doesn’t really count when you want to reach for the stars. Hard work and perseverance are the main ingredients in making your dreams come true. Also, I wanted to tell them that there is more to life than being a womanizer and a bum. Drinking and partying are not the things that can make his heart and soul happy and contented. Finding your own self-worth and achieving your dreams are the things that make you truly happy deep within.

Am I “becky” and proud? Of course I am. Embracing my sexuality gave me enough strength to conquer everything in life. That strength has helped me in proving my straight relatives wrong about me. It has helped me in achieving whatever I have right now. For sure it is also the strength that will help me in conquering all the challenges that the future has to offer me.

I am “becky” and I am proud of it!

PS: Credits to Niki Medina for taking this very Miss Colombia photo. Kisses!!!


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2 Responses to Are You “Becky” and Proud?

  1. You’re a strong and brave person! x


  2. What an inspiring story. You really showed them that sexual orientation has nothing to do what a person can achieve.

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