One Day by Charice

Finally, Charice has released her new video, One Day, which is supported by Acuvue.

If the video above doesn’t work, click HERE to watch the video.

First, I believe that any artist can never go wrong with an empowering song, especially when it’s all about believing in yourself and your dreams. This song is rated A+. Beautiful lyrics, upbeat melody and a great singer belting it, what more can you ask for?

Second, this video is really inspired by Glee where Charice made her first major acting stint as Sunshine Corazon. The high school setting, the outcast characters and the “Dream Big” concept. The video has the word GLEE all over it- minus the characters and the celebrities playing in the said show.

Third, Charice really looks beautiful in this video. Not minding her not-so-blessed legs, it really looks like she has slimmed down. Her face is much more beautiful compared to her last episodes in Glee. I remember her looking so HEALTHY with her round head. Now, she looks fresher and a lot younger and definitely more beautiful.

Lastly, she finally showed for the first time (in a music video) that she can dance…REALLY WELL! The girl can bust the moves and she does it well. If she considers honing her dancing skills, she can really outshine other performers of her generation. She already has the voice which can conquer the whole world. I think it’s time for her to think of developing her other performing skills. She has a big potential in dancing. Why not make it perfect then to be a better artist?

Haters gonna hate but I love Charice. Tell her she’s fugly but come to think of it. Her fugly face and her million dollar voice have taken her to sky scraping heights and unreachable distance. She’s now an international recording artist, has guested in an award-winning American TV show, and has played different characters for some Hollywood movies. If that’s the consequence of being fugly, I would rather take it. Haters gotta shake their hate off!!!

(One day) I’ll make you a believer
(One day) I got this all I need is
(One day) Don’t try to tell me I can’t

Sorry, Charice, but you don’t have to prove anything to the haters. Just do your thing and let them die in vain. Pinoy pride all the way!!!


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