Eva’s Farewell Party

Last July 23rd, I went to Tokyo Salon’s Las Chicas for my friend, Eva’s farewell party.

The party was well attended by Eva’s closest friends, particularly her FABily in FAB Academy Tokyo.

Justin and his shimmering neon bracelets. It was really funny when he asked me if my camera has a flash so that the bracelets would really shine up in the picture.

The beautiful Eri, and FAB’s power duo, Kike and Brad, together with Eva.

Me with Tiffany aka DJ Tokyo Hottie of Tokyo Fashionista Events.

There was also a surprise belly dance number for Eva. Everyone liked it so much everybody just went to the dance floor and busted their moves with this very sexy belly dancer.

Eva’s friends from the Embassy of Germany also came to send their heart-felt farewells to her.

My friend Chris and a very pretty lady with Justin and his neon bracelets, being silly in the background.

My new friend, Dean. This guy is a skyscraper. LOL!

It’s sad that Eva and I weren’t able to have more time to get to know each other more. Yet, I am certain that we are really good friends in spite of the lack of bonding moments. I could feel Eva’s sincerity and purity in heart. One person can see this lady’s beautiful soul with the way she looks at people and how she talks to them.

Eva is also inspirational to everyone. Before, she couldn’t spin a single hoop in her waist. But after doing a few hooping sessions in FAB Academy Tokyo plus added hard work and enthusiasm, she was able to do so and even performed during the 1st anniversary of FAB. She is the perfect epitome of dreams do come true…especially when you work hard. (Click HERE to read related article about Eva’s hoop class experience at FAB).

See you again, Eva! I wish you all the best in life.


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