Don’t Touch!

Some time last week, I was walking in the streets of Harajuku when I saw this lovely pair of jeans.

You know me, guys! I love anything bright and sparkling. That’s why I fell in love with this pair of jeans when I first laid my eyes on it. I was even hallucinating that my name was written all over it, tempting me to just get inside the store and buy it. Ok! That’s a bit too exaggerated but I really love this jeans because it was so me.

And when I saw the price of this very beautiful piece, my jaw dropped straight to the ground.

Holy sh*t! Let me say that again with more intensity. HOLY SH*T! If you wanna know how much it costs in your own currency, go HERE and convert that amount in your local money. Warning! You might just wanna watch your own jaw because it might just drop like what happened to mine.



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