Swarovski x House of Hello Kitty

I remember Hello Kitty as one of the earliest characters that I really love (YES! I was out at the early age of  8) and Swarovski being one of the earliest luxury labels that I learned from childhood. We all know that Hello Kitty is ever cute and Swarovski will be a name which will always be equated to sophistication. So what happens when they make a collaboration? I don’t know with you but I think they really complement each other.

Last July 9, 2011, I went to Omotesando together with my friends to visit the Swarovski x House of Hello Kitty Debut Exhibition. At the moment I stepped in the exhibition, all the inner gay child in me suddenly leaped in joy. All the flashbacks of sweet childhood came back to me like a rapid flash flood.

This is a chandelier with little Hello Kitty figures hanging on it. Cute and elegant at the same time.

Hello Kitty figure studded with Swarovski crystals. Please don’t ask me how much it was because I didn’t bother looking at it. I would have definitely fainted if I did.

Swarovski x House of Hello Kitty accessories. Cuteness overload!

Look at those Hello Kitty crystal gargoyles.

I just can’t resist myself from taking pictures of the male staff with their Phantom-of-the-Opera-inspired masks. This guy looks hot. I just wonder what happens next if he takes that mask off.

Let me give you a tour around the exhibition with this video. Please don’t mind my friends. They are just being naturally silly. LOL! I kid!

Honestly, I never thought something so luxurious as Swarovski would collaborate with Hello Kitty which is overloading with cuteness. Surprisingly, I really think they clicked. The two brands, like what I said earlier, complemented each other. Swarovski puts the elegance to Hello Kitty, making it more accessible to mature costumers. On the other hand, Hello Kitty gives a youthful vibe which can attract younger consumers. Call that a perfect combination!

Visit Swarovski Japan to see the complete collection. For non-Japanese readers, you can use Google Translator. Swarovski USA offers limited pieces only so it’s better to check the Japanese site.

I love SWAROVSKI and HELLO KITTY!!!!! かわいい〜!!!!!!!!!!


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