Hello Kitty

I went to the Swarovski x House of Hello Kitty debut exhibition in Omotesando Hills last week with a couple of friends.

Bow tie head band gifted by my friend Melody from the Swarovski x Hello Kitty Opening event, glasses gifted by my friend Niki, jelly bean necklace gifted by my mom, Forever 21 x Hello Kitty tank top, denim shorts by Edwin, Hello Kitty mid high sneakers, Lanvin x H&M tote, white leather bracelet from SM Department Store 

Since we were going to the Hello Kitty event, I decided to celebrate the inner child in me by wearing something Hello Kitty from head to toe. I’m so thankful to my friend, Melody for giving me this very cute head band which she got during the opening party of the Swarovski x Hello Kitty debut exhibition. She gave me the head band without hesitation even it was the first night we met each other. Such a sweetheart! Now, that bow tie head band is only lent to people who go to the exhibition for some photos. They immediately give it back to the staff after taking their pictures. Yay for me! ありがとう、メロちゃん。

What I wear was very simple but then very catchy to the eyes of spectators. That bow tie simply killed my look. It was the attention getter in my whole look…and I so love it! LOL! Moreover, I simply can’t get enough of shorts and tank tops. Summer is totally here in Japan and everybody’s is slowly getting killed with the heat. Japanese summer is really harsh and sometimes, getting naked is not even enough to make yourself cooler.

PS: Photos c/o Niki and Rolane.


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5 Responses to Hello Kitty

  1. belle says:

    whoa!! love the outfit most especially the headband 🙂

  2. *Jelly* you got to go! *L-O-V-E* your outfit!!! n____n

  3. ROLANE says:

    love it love it!!! next boy meets girl^^ lol

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