Christi’s Jewelry Box Exhibition @ FAB Academy Tokyo 7/3/2011

Hi guys! It’s been a while and I know I owe a lot to all of you. I’m sorry for the late updates.

Two weeks ago, I got invited to Christi’s Jewelry Box exhibition at FAB Academy Tokyo.

I was really amazed when designer Christi Shibuya showed me her pieces. They were awesome, especially those accessories that were made with real flowers.

She told me that she used polyresin to sustain the color and form of the flowers. The process of making these pieces is so hard that it required her some time to perfect the craft. Amazing!

Christi used a lot of recycled materials, being inspired of the current situation of Japan after the earthquake. She used second hand leathers and created a new look for them. Take a peek.

The beautiful Christi Shibuya who was so kind to show me around. She is also wearing this beautiful necklace which is also made of true flowers.

Interested? Visit Christi HERE or email her at



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