Girls Treat Boys Vol. 2 Official Photos Supported by Belvedere

I just recently received the official photos for the Girls Treat Boys from the gorgeous Liv Lo, who organized the party and produced by DB UKi Events.

So this is what happens when we turn the world upside down, when the girls treat the boys with some drinks. ONE GREAT PARTAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!

Girls Treat Boys wouldn’t be possible without the beautiful captain of the ship, Liv, who was so gorgeous during that night.

A party wouldn’t be perfect without the presence of a good drink. Good thing, Belvedere was there to provide us the best vodka in the world.

Of course, great DJ’s should grace the booth.Thanks to Mai-chan who is also the promoter of Girls Treat Boys.

And the man who killed the night, the one who definitely made the dance floor burn, DJ Yone. I swear I love this guy with all my heart.

Check the pictures out and see what a great party Girls Treat Boys was.

Great food.

The go-go dancers

The beautiful girls of the night.

The boys.

Raging dance floor.

Once again, congratulations to LivLo and DB UKi Events for a successful party. Can’t wait for the next one. JC loves you and it’s so obvious with my shirt!!!!



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