Tony’s Sayonara Party @ Biervana 7/1/2011

My friend, Anthony, invited me to his farewell party in Biervana, an Irish pub in Akasaka. He’s now leaving Japan for Portugal.

Me and Tony with his glass of whatever-that-is. I’m gonna miss you buddy!!!!

It was also a reunion for me and my girlfriends, Niki and Kyoko. I’ve worked with them before and it’s the first time in 3 years that I met Kyoko again. So happy to hang out with her for the first time. This is their picture with their current boss, Paul, who was so humorous.

Me and Julian

The very cute Kenta. This kid is so funny. I was just talking to Niki and Kyoko when he came up to me and asked if I could teach him to dance. Then, I just realized that he’s hanging with us the whole night.  He was so adorable!

Kenta, Kyoko and I doing some funny faces! Gosh, I really missed Kyoko.

I love this couple who wore their summer yukattas. Such a great pair!

Now, it’s time for some quiz here. Guess who’s Caucasian and who’s Asian. The winner gets a free kiss on the cheek and a tight and warm hug from me. Timer starts now.

I am so sad that I wasn’t able to take more pictures in the party because I was also busy talking to other people and partying. It was a night of reunion with old friends and meeting new ones. Thanks to Niki who introduced me to this bunch of people, talking as if she’s my agent! LOL!

We’ll miss you, Tony! I hope that you’ll do well in Portugal and I wish I could visit you when I have the time and the money to get there. LOL! And when you get to Portugal, save some hot Portuguese men for me. Hahaha!

See you and the best of luck, my friend!


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