Girls Treat Boys Vol. 2 @ F Bar 7/2/2011

Last Saturday night, it was the ladies’ turn to buy some drinks for the guys during the Girls Treat Boys party in the famous F Bar in Azabu Juban. The night was filled with party people who burned the danced and drank non-stop.

The gorgeous Liv spinning.

And the boys went crazy when the go-go dancers started to take the scene.

F Bar was really packed and there was barely enough space to move.

And of course, I bumped into a few friends and familiar faces.

The ever cute Mai-Ryota love team! Mai chan gave me my first drink for the night. I really felt sorry when I missed her turn in the DJ booth. I’m sorry, Mai-chan! Have to make it up to you next time.

The very beautiful Kelley! I officially declare that she is my new skinny best friend. Hahaha! She lived in Manila before and she just can’t stop declaring her love for anything Filipino…especially Manny Pacquiao and tapsilog.

Me and Kelley. She made me look  fat. I hate it! LOL!

DJ Yone on the left! He is the man of the night. He killed the everyone in the dance floor during his spinning time. Believe me. This man is a legend! He should have his own monument in honor of his great DJ-ing skills.

And I wouldn’t miss a shot of the lady of the night, Liv. She looks very chic even if she stuck her tongue out in this photo. That’s what you call natural beauty.

If you guys are asking if how many drinks I got, I only got two. One from Mai-chan and one from Liv. My third and last glass came from my own pocket. I don’t know but I really am shy talking to people I don’t really know. Yes, peeps! I’m kinda shy at first until I get relaxed with the other person. You don’t believe me, do you? LOL! Yeah, neither do I. Hahaha! Besides, don’t you think it’s kinda weird for a gay boy to flirt with girls just to have himself a drink? LOL!

Anyhoo, I just wanna say congratulations to Liv for a very successful party! Can’t wait for Girls Treat Boys Vol.





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One Response to Girls Treat Boys Vol. 2 @ F Bar 7/2/2011

  1. Great pics ^-^ Looks like a fun night!

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