Shoes Talk Party @ Velours 6/29/2011

Last June 29, I went to Velours in Minami Aoyama to attend the Shoes Talk party, which was produced by the very kind Ryo Chou and supported by Shoes of Prey.

It was my first time in Velours and I must say, I really love the place. It’s elegant and  very chic but it won’t make you feel intimidated because of the presence of the DJ booth in the main lounge area.

H&M buttoned dow shirt, D&G belt, Edwin denim shorts and ankle length chucks from Converse

It was a night of beautiful people, gorgeous shoes and lots of fun.

The beautiful and charming Anna Morozova. She wore this amazing pair of Miu Miu shoes that made her look skyrocketing.

This is the pretty Nicole “Niki” Ernie. She models and DJ’s from time to time in different events here in Japan and also abroad. She told me she’s scheduled to leave next week for a series of shows and events in Paris and London.

I didn’t notice she was holding my business card when I took this photo of hers. You will be hypnotized with this girl’s bubbliness. Her sense of humor is to the maximum level.

Niki wore this animal print shoes which she paired with her nails. I just don’t know why she left her thumbnail standing out with that orange paint.

A proof that Niki is such a funny girl.

I was also happy to bump to common friends like Mai-chan but sadly, I wasn’t able to take her pic because she was busy spinning in the DJ booth. But I was able to take a shot of her husband Ryota.

Ryota is one amusing guy. Look at him goofing around with this Hello Kitty head band.

And I was lucky enough to get to know these very beautiful ladies- Melody, Kelley and Liv. They are models here in Tokyo, doing everything from print ads to television. These girls are really ju dore and yet, down to earth. I enjoyed our small talks in the dance floor and how I they flattered my gold chucks.

It was a Wednesday night but it made me feel like Friday. Good thing, I was still energized to work the next day with only 4 hours of sleep. I sometimes wonder how the hell I do that.

Congrats to my friend, Ryo, for the very successful party!


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    the girls are HOT… Lesbian mode! ahahaha 🙂

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