Divine Lee Graces MEGA Magazine’s July 2011 Cover

I don’t usually blog about Philippine fashion because honestly, Rajo Laurel, Inno Sotto, Rene Salud and Randy Ortiz are the only Filipino fashion designers that I am aware off. I don’t even know our local magazines back home which makes me feel ashamed of myself now. But I was amazed at the moment my eyes set on this.

One of the Philippines’ most celebrated young business woman, social darling and newest, and probably the current biggest gay icon in the country, Divine Lee graces the covers of the Philippines’ leading fashion magazine, MEGA. She wears a dress by Jerome Salaya Ang and shoes by Kermit Tesoro, both budding designers who are ready to conquer the Philippine fashion scene.

I love Divine Lee for three reasons. One, she is the epitome of the modern Filipina chic. She can rock anything she wears- may it be a simple dress or a very gorgeous designer gown. Most of the time, she wears easy-breezy clothes but they totally rock because Divine simply rocks. Her clothes never upstaged her because her chicness will always win over anything she wears, no matter how fabulous they are.

Two, Divine may be one of the most elite people in Manila. She would always be seen hanging out with the upper classes of the Philippines but if you follow her on Twitter and her guest appearances in Becky Nights, you would find her as a humble person. Who would have thought that the daughter of a real estate tycoon can speak the mass language of the gays? She seems to be so natural with gay speak, which is such a big fad back home.I admit that I can’t speak hardcore gay lingo but it seems like it’s Divine’s mother tongue. And it’s kind of funny who she learned it in spite the fact her world has mostly revolved around the world of the rich and the famous. Such pure heart!

And lastly, she serves as an inspiration to everybody- may it be from straight girls up to the homosexuals. She has always pushed women to love themselves more and never be afraid to be who they are, especially when it comes to self beautification. Also, she has always been one of the biggest icons who always fight for gender equality and has always been very supportive of the Philippine LGBT group in many ways. One example is her blog (Click HERE to go to Divine’s blog) which is not only about her personal style but also her insights about life, that includes her love and support to gay people. I think it’s safe to say that she is the Lady Gaga of the LGBT Philippines, minus the outlandish costumes and crazy wigs and make ups.

Now that’s what you call a true WONDER WOMAN! Go Divine!

PS: Credits to http://www.megastyle.ph/ for the picture


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3 Responses to Divine Lee Graces MEGA Magazine’s July 2011 Cover

  1. amrieabegail says:

    aw! i should also create one my site!!
    Thanks jenne!!
    ill post din ung funny moment ko with ms. D/
    ikaw na! ♥

  2. Maui says:


    Nice one.
    i really took time to read this blog. full lenght…
    ‘shoes by Kermit Tesoro’ – bow.

    Divine – you are so MEGAKNOWN!! ikaw naa! pak!

  3. Divine Lee says:

    Thank you so much for this. Ang bilis mo 🙂 Thank you for the love 🙂 Forever grateful.

    Much love,

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