Adidas Lovin’

I went to Omotesando from Shibuya with my friend, Ken, when we passed by the Adidas store and saw this lovely rainbow loafer.

I instinctively pulled Ken into the store and asked the nearest available clerk to give me my size. Sadly, they were out of stocks but on the brighter side, they told me that they can call and reserve me a new pair which can be delivered to them after 4 days. I agreed to the idea and they reserved a pair of my size for me. They told me that I can get my own rainbow loafers next Saturday. I just can’t wait till next week.

While they were calling for my shoe reservation, I remember Adidas’ collaboration with American designer Jeremy Scott. I asked if they still have stocks left from the said collection and, lo and behold, they showed me these pairs. I DIED!!!! And I died the second time around when I saw the SALE sign.

But since I am saving up for my summer trip, I’m thinking if I’ll buy a pair of this Jeremy Scott x Adidas shoes or not. Hmmmmm!

What do you think?



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2 Responses to Adidas Lovin’

  1. ken says:

    choose the summer trip.☺

  2. i love the rainbow addidas! I want one!!

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