Good Girls’ After-Party Moments

Usually, whenever people say the word “partying”, they would always think of the usual after-party scenes. Throwing up anywhere because of too much booze, getting one’s self to trouble, hooking up with a random stranger and all the same sorts. Well, what about the good girls? What happens to them after a night of few shots and a lot of dancing?

Their stomachs will grumble like hell in the middle of early morning and there’s nothing they can do but to give in to their tummy’s demand of food. They grab a bite in the nearest 24 hour restaurant, fast food or convenience store.And when they decided to eat in the middle of the streets, random strangers will just come and talk to them, as if those poeple have known them for quite some time.If they chose to wear high heels, good girls’ feet get too tired from all the dancing. So they take it off and walk themselves away barefooted without a care.And on their way home, like any party-goer, they also can’t help but sleep in the trains or whatever public transportation they use.It was my first time to go clubbing with my girls, Ena, Niki and Tina and we decided to spend it in Tokyo Dandy’s 3rd anniversary party in Club Africa in Daikanyama. Because I know these girls are meek as lambs, I decided not to go hardcore partying with them. Not too much drinks but of course, a lot of dancing and chit-chat with random strangers. It was a very mild kind of partying for me but I enjoyed it because I was in the company of very good friends. I could have pushed them to go wild but I felt like I was responsible for them if something wrong happens. A good friend doesn’t push his friends to fall in the cliff.

But mind you, I’m not a good girl. I’m absolutely not. Hahaha! I just chose to be responsible. *winks*

So take it from us, kiddos! You can party hard but party responsibly for less troubles.




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