Young Lovers’ Dress to Kill @ Le Baron de Paris Tokyo

Last June 18, I went to Le Baron de Paris in Aoyama to attend the Young Lovers’ Dress to Kill event.

It was my first time in Le Baron and it was almost ruined by the bouncers but thank goodness to the good music and all the wine, I was able to pull through the night. The whole place was a blast with all the fashionably eccentric people and the thumping of the speakers with music. Also, the club was covered with foils and beautiful decorations from the genius Noritaka Tatehana, one of Lady Gaga’s famous shoe makers.

I actually went to Le Baron alone but I was happy and surprised when I bumped into some friends and familiar faces.

Here’s Dan of Tokyo Dandy. I was so happy when I approached him (or he approached me, can’t really recall now) with all this overwhelming warmth. I was glad that he still recalls me though we only met for the first time during their 3rd anniversary party in Africa.

Gervin x Dan

 The adorable and ever gorgeous, Misha Janette. She never fails to paint the town with so much sunshine with her very friendly smile and her avant garde fashion.

 The handsome Joe of Tokyo Dandy. Gosh!!! He’s sooooo hot!!!

Joe x Misha

The very lovable Mai-chan!

 My FAB friends Brad and Kike of FAB Academy Tokyo. I was surprised when they showed up in the middle of the dance floor, wearing their S&M outfits.

Kissy kissy Kike and me.

Me, Mel and Kike! These guys are crazy. I love them big time.

Mel being f*cking craaaaay craaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

Oooohhhh!!! Adam. I’m so glad I met him. He’s such a nice guy aside from being a good dancer. He killed the dance floor when he suddenly appeared from nowhere and started dancing the night away like a god. I super love this guy!!!!

My friend, Chen, at the right. She’s the right girl to be with when you want to partaaaaaaaay!!!

I ended up all drunk and I didn’t know how I got myself home after the night. But I can definitely recall how wonder the Young Lover’s Party was together with their tin foil wrapped party from Noritaka Tatehana. You know it’s a good party when you smelled like cigarettes and have a spill of wine all over your favorite dress…and you don’t regret it.


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