Tokyo Dandy 3rd Anniversary Party @ Club Africa

Last June 18, my girls and I went to Tokyo Dandy’s 3rd anniversary party in Club Africa in Daikanyama.

Me and Dan of Tokyo Dandy. He’s such a nice friendly guy.

Joe, rocking it in the DJ booth.

VERBAL killed the night. Unbelievable!

Me and my girls, Tina and Niki.

Ena, my loves!

Yoshio Yokobori of CANDY. It was nice to see him again. He was able to tell me stories of his Seoul trip.


My girls tripping on my shirt by Yu Yokazono of Kika Style.

Baby Faline. Her cherry tattoo is so awesome. And her wavy hair is so fantastic.

My girls together with Mai of Just Another Typical Night in Tokyo

This is an epic shot.

Like what Paula Abdul said, we gotta dance like there’s no tomorrow.

It was my first time to attend a Tokyo Dandy event and I must say that it was a total epic night. It was also my first time to go out with my girl friends and I am glad that we really enjoyed the night. Africa was smoking hot with all the music, drinks and eccentric fashionistas. Truly amazing!

Congratulations to the powerful duo of Tokyo Dandy, Joe and Dan. More power to you guys! Hail to the prime gods of Japan fashion blogging!!!




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