ANREALAGE in Midwest Tokyo/東京

Last June 11th-14th, Japanese brand Anrealage had their exhibition at Midwest Tokyo in Shibuya. I went there to take a look at their very beautiful pieces from their current collection down to their previous ones.

Their AW 2011 collection, entitled Low, was one of the most unique collections in the whole season. Designer and president, Kunihiko Morinaga said that the idea for the collection was derived from 3-dimensional or 3D visual media and low pixeled photography plus added inspiration from mosaic arts.

I love the clothes from the AW 2011 collection. They remind me of the Super Family computer days of the early 90’s. Talk about Pacman, Tetris and Galaxia.

Arealage’s AW 2011 accessories look so uniquely Tokyo, if you know what I mean.

The low pixeled floral brooches look like those power flowers from the Super Mario Brothers. They are totally cool.

These leggings are so cute and colorful.

But my most favorite pieces are the shoes. Damn! I died when I saw these low pixel inspired shoes and the colorful patchwork pair. These should be living inside my closet.

Look at this very cute pumps. The heels are so irresistibly coy.

Me with designer and president of Anrealage, Kunihiko Morinaga.

You can visit and contact Anrealage HERE if interested. A big thanks to Midwest Tokyo for being so hospitable!






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